ECL support organisations within the following sectors.


Energy and Infrastructure sectors.  

Transportation infrastructure:

Roads, Bridges, Highways, Access roads, Rail, Metro, LRT & BRT, Aviation and Marine.


Hydro-electric Power:

Supply, Transmission, Distribution, Generation and Storage.


Oil and Gas:


SAGd, Open cast, Pipelines and Off-shore.


Wind Energy:

Off shore, near shore and land turbines.




Regulatory and permitting, Fish and fish habitat, Wildlife, Vegetation, Air and Noise, Watershed management, Contaminated sites, Monitoring.



Geo-spatial, Geomatics, Multi-criteria analysis, Drone technology.

Water/waste water:


Multi-barrier (Chlorination and UV) Water Supply, distribution, transmission design-build, Sewer, Sanitary and storm water, Drainage, Dams, Spillways, Weirs, Reservoir & Intakes.

Environmental & Engineering Recruitment Services

Market Sectors