Project Resource Planning

Our approach to recruitment is unique, we have the experience and the ability to understand the project scope and schedule across each discipline, phase and task.

We use this approach to source and recruit candidates from North America and the UK ensuring a closer fit than any of our competitors, this saves time and money for our clients.

Our candidates are aligned with the Professional Governance Act, BC reducing the risk of non compliance for our clients and their projects.

We pre-screen every candidate, ideally in person, but in these ever changing times we pre-screen via Zoom or Teams. 

All our contract and permanent hires are fully referenced, all qualifications and experiences are vetted and verified.

At ECL we truly partner with our clients, together we co-designing job descriptions aligned with each project specific role.  We co-designing client specific competency based interview questions and technical testing/benchmarking.

Our resourcing is condensed and specific skills, delivering project specific skills matrix allowing our clients to see where the skills gaps are.